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This previous Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the geofest conference at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. To be honest I was rather skeptical going into this experience, I was worried about losing a whole day to a conference that I may not even get much from. However, I ended up really enjoying my time there and gaining a good deal of information and ideas from the speakers. One topic that really stuck out to me was teaching about agriculture in our schools today. It is easy to see how large of part agriculture is through our everyday lives as without it we would be pretty hungry. However, it is a subject that really is not included as much as it should be. It is something that really allows us to learn about our country as well as others and lends itself well to tying in with other subjects. Our speaker, Sue Knott, was really able to give some excellent ideas on lessons to use in our classrooms. Another great thing about geofest is that we were able to receive a decent amount of items that we could use to help our classrooms. If someone is reading this contemplating on if they want to attend geofest I would highly recommend going. Not only are you able to gain knowledge that could help you be a better teacher, but you will have a good time doing it as well. It was a great experience and I hope that I am lucky enough to attend more conferences in the future.


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