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Question: Rewards for individual students, effective or ineffective?

Since last Thursday was our last day in kindergarten practicum, we had a debriefing on our experiences today in class. One topic that came up was positive reinforcement in the classroom. A group mentioned that a teacher would reward students for good behavior by giving out stickers. Is giving rewards for good behavior effective or […]

Social Studies Standards have been adopted

The new social studies standards have been adopted, but not without some controversy.

Thanksgiving in March?

Yes, I realize that it is March and not November, but today our class will be investigating a holiday that is often celebrated, but not studied in elementary schools: Thanksgiving. We’ll be using the QuIPs (Questions into Paragraphs) strategy to do research for a class book on Thanksgiving. During our research time, please consult at […]

In the media: Could Earlier Kindergarten be the Achievement Gap Solution?

I stumbled upon this article today during a homework break. As the title suggests, this article discusses whether earlier kindergarten could be the solution to the achievement gap in our schools. The idea is that programs, specifically aimed poorer families, that start as early as ages three and four touch on subjects such as English […]

Shout Out: All methods students!

This past Thursday, current methods students finished kindergarten practicum. On the last day we were all bragging to each other about who had the best lessons and kindergarten class. Kindergarten practicum took a lot of planning! Most groups followed a farm theme, practicing the letters t, k, n, and short o. We had one group […]

At Gustavus: California Seafloor Mapping Project

    On Thursday, March 21st, I attended a lecture by Dr. Rikk Kvitek entitled “You’ve Got to Be Kidding!” to “Ah-Ha”. Prior to attending the lecture, I was under the impression that he would be presenting ways to address threats of climate change, pollution, coastal erosion, etc. However, he did not speak so much on this […]

In the news…Autism Increasing in United States

In my practicum class today, my group and I discussed with our practicum teacher the idea of how Autism is increasing and as it is increases there will be an higher occurrence in our classrooms as teachers. So tonight when I was watching the news there was a segment on on Autism that caught my […]

Summer at Mount Vernon

As we debriefed about the conference, I mentioned that two ladies had gone for a week during the summer to stay a Mount Vernon at a school that takes place there for educators. I thought I would put the link on the blog. I found it very interesting when they talked about it and it […]

In the News…Study: Open enrollment increasing racial segregation in Twin Cities schools

Over winter break I was browsing the internet, looking through different articles related to education and I discovered the attached article and study. I found it very interesting, especially because they are schools that a lot of us may be familiar with. I found it almost astonishing that these issues were so close to home […]

Key Idea: Assessment of Student Writing

     One key idea we touched on this week was that of assessing student writing. We had first taken a look at a student sample- the student was 6 yrs. 3 months- and completed a quick write about our initial thoughts of the work. After this, we looked at the ‘6 + 1 Traits’ to […]