Sustainability and Climate Change: Dr. Jim White

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For everyone that  attend his lecture on Monday night on sustainability and climate change.  What did you think of the message that Dr. White was trying to convey to everyone? Is it something that we can have an affect on, or is it something that starts with someone higher up? I am very interested in learning about what other peoples opinions were on his message and also the facts that he was providing.

In my own personal opinion, I believe that the Earth is changing and more importantly the climate of the Earth is changing.  This is for a variety of different reasons but most well-known is the idea of the amount of green house gases that the we are placing into the world each and everyday without even realizing it.  These things will have a significant affect on how our future is and how the future of our family is. Dr. While presented us with 3 important rules of sustainability.

-Everything must cycle back around.

-Population must be controlled and off of that the value of women in society needs to be increased.

– Equity needs to be acted upon and needs to be considered by all.

Whats does everyone think of these rules and the Message that Dr. White was presenting?


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  1. Joshua Timmerman says:

    Thank you for your post Drew. I really enjoyed Dr. White’s speech. It was well organized and extremely thought provoking. I agree that this is a major issue that we truly need to address. I really appreciated that Dr. White emphasized the importance of taking action. He continued to discuss the concept of responsibility. We all share this Earth and therefore we are all responsible for what happens to our Earth. I am much more interested in this topic since listening to this speech and I will be looking for ways that I can make a difference.