Teacher Resource: IXL Math

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This week in class we have been searching for resources online for our kindergarten practicum experiences.  I have come across an amazing website that will help students learn math skills through visual, interactive activities.  This website has hundreds of math skills from Prekindergarten to Geometry.  I think this is a great way that teachers can incorporate technology in their classrooms to keep up with the students’ technological capabilities.  The one downfall to this site is that you have to pay for a membership.  But you are allowed one daily practice every day!  Click on this link to look into incorporating technology in math IXL Math  !



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  1. Sarah Martin says:


    I agree, this is a great website! It is engaging and kids really do like to play it! My little partner likes going on this website and was bummed that when she switch from North Intermediate to a school in Mankato she no longer had access to the site (apparently North has a subscription for their students). Also, the girl I nanny for in the summer, who hates math might I add, uses this site to practice and get better. At times is was hard to get her away from the computer! This is a fun way for students to practice math. I also like that it allows children to pick their grade level so that they learn and play at their level. I think it would be cool if more schools got subscriptions to this website so that students could continue their learning and practice of math skills at home.