A website all teachers must have bookmarked!

Posted on March 3rd, 2013 by

As I was searching for different resources for Kindergarten Practicum I somehow ran across a website called Teachers Pay Teachers. It has so many different lesson plans and worksheets it is CRAZY! Some you need to pay for (a dollar or two) but I have found just about everything that I could ever need or want for free on the site!! This is the website http://www.teacherspayteachers.com and I HIGHLY recommend looking into it.



  1. Valerie Walker says:

    One controversy right now is whether teachers have the right to sell their own work. (Oops! I guess I just gave away my position on this.) Some districts claim that work that teachers produce when they are employed is owned by the school district, not the teacher. What do people think?

  2. Joshua Timmerman says:

    Great resource Megan! It is really helpful to have such a large compilation of tools and activities all on one website. As I was browsing the site, I noticed that several of the resources could be very beneficial for our kindergarten practicum lessons that we will be teaching. I really appreciated how interactive and engaging many of the activities and resources were that were provided. If you find any other websites similar to this one I would love for you to share those as well. Thank you again!

  3. Jill Oxborough says:

    This is a great resource! I feel like at this point it is totally worth developing a resource library and collecting everything you can get your hands on. Even if you don’t end up using that exact source you can modify and create new ideas from those original concepts. I even think about going to conferences when talking about collecting resources. When we went to the science conference I was able to gather some great ideas from the free handouts and even got some ideas from talking to more experienced teachers. Thank you so much for sharing this website Megan!

  4. Casey Dowling says:

    Thank you so much for suggesting this website. I just explored it for awhile and I particularly like the organization and set up of the website. It is very easy to follow and includes such an array of projects! I completely agree with Kara’s cooperating teacher, start collecting and never say no. I already have a collection of posters, books, cds, and worksheets piling up on a bookshelf at home, and always have my eyes peeled for something useful. This website seems wonderful, and website. Thanks again!

  5. Kara Peterson says:

    Thank you for sharing this resource! Even if you come across something that you may need to pay for, in my opinion, it is completely worth the investment. I feel as though it is never to early to begin collecting/organizing resources for our classrooms. Going along with the idea of finding worksheets/activities, I like the advice our practicum teacher gave us, “If a teacher asks you if you would like any resources or anything along those lines, the answer is always ‘yes’. It doesn’t matter if you are going to file them into the recycling bin, use them that day or save them for a later day, the answer is always ‘yes.'”