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In the news: Broken cheeseburger story

My father-in-law sent me a link to this article to share with all of you. The article focuses on how a waitress treated a customer with autism with respect.  (And, by implication, how rare these exchanges are.) I have to admit that it made me tear up!

MN Ag in the Classroom

During my Kindergarten Practicum experience we needed to create lessons that revolved around a farm theme, and Minnesota Ag in the Classroom provided a plethora of resources that helped add on to the activities that my co-teachers and I had already generated. The link listed on the bottom here will take you to their website. […]

Looking for Educational News and Opportunities?

If you are looking for news and opportunities in the field of education, SmartBrief is a great resource! I have been a subscriber to one of their publications for over a year now and they always have new and interesting articles, and even job postings!! They have many different topics: News in International Education, News […]

Just for Fun: President Obama Uses Hebrew to Gain Respect in Israel

On March 22, 2013, the New York Times wrote an article on President Obama’s extensive use of the Hebrew language during his time in Israel, titled “Shalom, Mr. President: Obama Tries to Charm Israelis with Hebrew”. In this article, it reviews how the President went far beyond the typical greeting and “sprinkle[d] Hebrew throughout his […]

Writing Portfolio Overview

We have all been working on our Writing Portfolios for the first half of this particular semester.  These folders are collections of a variety of writing samples from different genres.  Not only do we as students create specific pieces of work in these different genres, but we also develop reflections on what we have specifically […]

Shout Out! Jill and her Spring Break plans! Click on the above link to learn more about what Jill is doing on spring break! While everyone is going to a beach or a much warmer climate for spring break, one of our classmates is going one a trip to learn more about social and environmental justice!  I think this is really cool that […]

Sustainability and Climate Change: Dr. Jim White

For everyone that  attend his lecture on Monday night on sustainability and climate change.  What did you think of the message that Dr. White was trying to convey to everyone? Is it something that we can have an affect on, or is it something that starts with someone higher up? I am very interested in […]

Just for fun!

  Just for fun I wanted to give everyone a link to a website that gives some background information on mountain mining and kind of some of the issues I will be learning about on my spring break trip! Feel free to check it out!

Looking for a Summer Job?-AmeriCorps Summer Reads Program

This past summer I had the opportunity to work for AmeriCorps and the Minnesota Literacy Council as a Summer Reads Vista Coordinator.  This job gave me the opportunity to tutor students in my hometown of Ely, MN who were reading below reading level.  Throughout the summer I used my knowledge from a day of training […]

Shoutout!:To My Practicum Partners and Kindergartners

This past week Josh, Caitlin, and I had a wonderful experience teaching in a Kindergarten classroom with 18 diverse students.  We worked with our cooperating teacher to create challenging and engaging lessons based off of the farm theme for the week.  With the aide of Pinterest and our creative minds we were able to form […]