What does social studies have to do with reading?

Posted on October 1st, 2012 by

One of the challenges we face as social studies teachers is the press to teach more reading. This video makes an interesting argument that teaching content is teaching reading! I’m curious about whether people find this persuasive! Teaching Content is Teaching Reading!


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  1. Jessica Erickson says:

    I found this video very interesting, however long and rather boring to look at. The reasons they give for how our brain fills in the information based on what we know was interesting! I found myself thinking about when I have to read a book for class (back before all education classes) and I had NO idea what the author was trying to tell me. Most of this issue for myself was because I didn’t have the vocabulary to keep or now after watching this video the knowledge to keep up. You can’t just read to read you have to have some sort of background knowledge to help you understand otherwise your just reading words not a story/information. I think that the idea of teaching content comes along with teaching reading. Thanks for sharing Valarie 🙂